A. Recyclable collection:

Types of recyclables:
1. Metals: Copper, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminium & other metal
  Copper (Press to enlarge)    Stainless Steel (Press to enlarge)
  Iron (Press to enlarge)

Electric Wires (Press to enlarge)

2.Waste Paper:Newspaper、Books、Magazine、Corrugated Cardboard & Copy Paper
  Newspaper (Press to enlarge)    Corrugated Cardboard (Press to enlarge)
 Following are the types of plastic which can be recycled
Recycling Flow:
B. Confidential document disposal service
We provide confidential document disposal service and excess stock destruction service, avoid privacy and stock products from leaking out.
  Document destructing
with machine (Press to enlarge)
Document after destruction
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C. Dismantle of Machinery
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